About Carla Wynn Hall, Author of How to Bend the YOUniverse

About Carla Wynn Hall, Author of How to Bend the YOUniverse

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Carla Wynn Hall, YOUniversal Truth Messenger

Carla Wynn Hall is a three-time bestselling author in the field of human potential. She is the mother of three sons and the grandmother of Lilly, Chloe and Alex. Her writing style brings realistic ideals into alignment with new age modalities in the perfect marriage. She channels her messages through her writing to enhance the messages conveyed.

Carla is the creator of the “Totality of Everything ®” Healing Model that is designed to move the reader through negative experiences faster. The theories and lessons in this book were created based off of real experiences she went through in life.

Carla Wynn Hall is also the founder of the Lucrative Self-Publishing School for Women and the adjoining “Freedom through Writing Movement” for underserved women in the penal system and mental health facilities.

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Starting Over Falling Down Rising Up and Bending the YOUniverse

Starting Over Falling Down Rising Up and Bending the YOUniverse

 How to Bend the YOUniverse

Starting Over. Falling Down. Rising Up.

Today is November 1st, just 2 months away from my book release on Christmas Day! I chose this date for the launch of my book because Christmas holds memories from my past, and excitement for the future of my YOUniverse. Today’s blog post is on starting over, falling down and rising up. If you are reading this, may I ask you this question? “How many times have you fallen down and gracefully risen back up only to see that that the fall was a lesson, rising up was the action and the shift was a series of new opportunities that came your way?”




“Totality of Everything Philosophy” and adjoining theories and principles give you a workable, sensible and understandable vision of why you are here in the first place. It breaks down life’s many issues into workable thought and visualization circles that open and close at your command. This model will assist you with organizing the monkey mind caused by too much noise and interaction with other souls around you while teaching you how to take your thoughts deep into your DNA and a cellular core.

Today, I am stronger than ever in my resolve to move through all experiences knowing there is totality at the end, and a new path, for new experiences. In my past, however, I would entrap myself in the wholeness paradigm of my own personal totality, and begin to wage war with myself. The battles were gruesome and the scars were deep. All of my archetypes fought each other for space in my thinking mind, just behind the rim of my wholeness paradigm. I wore myself out crying and lamenting over the past, revisiting memories that were already bad enough; I was committing soul suicide.

Rising Back up from Rock Bottom 



Rock Bottom is a fertile place to plant new seeds. Inside of the subconscious mind, you have a field of potentiality. This is the field where you get to plant the garden just like you want it.

Your yield will not show up immediately. It will take months, or years before you reap a harvest. The length of time it takes your seeds of positivity to bloom into the results you coded them with – is determined by the degree of nurturing you give them.

Rock bottom takes you mentally and emotionally, into the exact space where all old beliefs, memories, and associations live and this is just where you must be, to plant new seeds of positive growth. When you fall, know that the lesson is on the way and put up your intuitive antenna. Look for the lesson. Watch for the pattern. Plant an intentional new thought there and love it. Tell it you will see it soon. This is the way to get up every time.

I would love to know if you will be one of my tribe members on Christmas and be ordering my new book “How to Bend the YOUniverse: Feeling Totality Through the Experience”. 


The sign-up form is on the first page of this website http://www.carlawynnhall.com Go ahead and grab chapter 1 and then come to http://www.facebook.com/carlawynnhall and leave a review.

Carla Wynn Hall is a #1 Bestselling Author and Champion for Women in her “Freedom Through Writing Movement”. Her life has been spent studying human potential since she worked in the fast-food industry in the early 1990’s teaching employees how to be their best self in their job. Carla spends her days writing self-transformation books for women to help them collapses patterns that have clearly come from family patterns.


You can get Carla to speak on your radio or podcast by emailing totalitypress@gmail.com with the subject “BOOK MEDIA”

Thank you for helping me reach the world with  my book and the beautiful lessons it contains. Your gifts of help will always be remembered. I love to write and will continue to bring you new books and fresh perspectives on life and the reasons we are here on earth through the “Totality of Everything” Philosophy and Life Model.



How to Bend the Universe and Command Your Experience

How to Bend the Universe and Command Your Experience

You are the Universe – and the Universe is You 

How to Bend the Universe is about taking control of your life, commanding your experience and speaking what you want with no fear. When you want something the first thing you usually do is go through a laundry list of why you cannot have it. You think about what others would say, or if it violates some sort of family rule for you. You feel guilty about wanting a new house, or a brand new car. You go back into old toxic beliefs of poverty, lack and shame.

You are the Universe so it’s only you who is keeping the things you want away from you. Sure, the gurus will say that ego is the part of you, that only looks out for itself. The gurus all are wrong. The richest men and women in the world know the secret to manifesting. They don’t hold back on stating what they want. They create an electric vision of the exact manifestation packet they want to receive, and they do it again, and again.

What do you want to experience? 

How to Bend the Universe: Magic Lessons for Living an Imperfect Experience teaches you how to create a list of what you want. Once you get the list in place, you have placed your order to the Universe or to “your higher self” of just exactly what you want. Make it loud, proud and real, with no thought of who you may offend.

I have lived nearly my whole life with blinders on my face, secretly harboring a want or desire, but not giving voice to it. Or getting what I wanted and not knowing how to stay in TOTALITY or “Full Gratitude” thus invoking negative manifestation. Negative manifestation is when you lose something you have gained from desire, because you were not grateful for it. Define exactly what you want and do not let anyone stand in your way of getting it. 

Recenlty my husband and I were talking about the kind of home we wanted to build on our land. He went to the “The smallest possible so we can afford it”, and I want to the 4000 square foot home with hot tub, a private office for me, asphalt driveway, recycled bluejean insulation, the biggest fridge known to mankind, and plenty of space for my grandchildren to come see me during the holidays. I want a big house and that is all there is to it. Yes, the marriage was impacted, but NO I didn’t back down. In fact, my vision board has a picture of the exact house I want, along with other things that I want to experience. I want the home/house to have ZERO freaking mortgage already! I don’t want a mortgage.

Leave the How to the Universe and Believe 

The major mistake most dreamers and visionaries make is in creating a vision, then trying to left-brain figure it out to no avail. They start on the blueprint, road map and plan to make the money to buy the stuff. Trusting is so hard. Blind faith that the Universe can open up the necessary doors to your desire is not easily achieved unless you practice.





The Vision Behind Focus: Bending Your Mindset

The Vision Behind Focus: Bending Your Mindset

What do Do When Things are Cloudy

How to Bend the Universe is about little lessons for living an imperfect experience. One of the questions I am asked often is how to get your focus back when you are surrounded by insurmountable noise and affliction. Focus is the ability to keep your brain engaged on something long enough to keep in in your brain. In this hustle world, it’s almost impossible to focus on anything in this day in time but you can do it with these three simple steps.

  1. Find one mantra to focus on during the day. “I am focused”
  2. Create buffers around important activities and allow no exceptions.
  3. Remember that even if you can’t focus, you are still perfect.


The Power of Sisterhood: Relationship Bending 101

The Power of Sisterhood: Relationship Bending 101

There is Power in finding Strong Sisters to Support You

This is one of the topics that is dear to my heart. As the oldes of three blood sisters, I have realized that sisterhood is not limited to real life sisters, but is an extension of the love you have for all women in your experience. The power of sisterhood is like a mastermind, but different, more loving, warmer, worthy. In 2016 my real sister, the youngest of three, was killed in an auto accident after a long run with addiction. She posed the greatest life lesson to me to always love unconditionally. I cry deep in my DNA when I think of her because I let so much pass by without stepping up and getting her help.

Sisterhood is a relentless loyalty to your sisters. It is not giving loyalty, then taking it back and giving it again in a spin cycle of discord and suffering. It’s so easy to be bitches to each other, but not so easy to promise acceptance and support to another strong woman in you life. The experience you choose can be perfected through simply lessons in living an imperfect experience.

The Freedom of Zero: Bending Your Money Universe

The Freedom of Zero: Bending Your Money Universe

Starting Over after Financial Ruin

I can recall the stories I heard about the crash of 2008 and how people lost their homes, their 401K, their insurance; loss was certainly the theme of this historic time. Opposite what was lost is clearly that which was gained at some point in time. In the accumulation phase of life we buy things with cash, charge them on a credit card, inherit things such as money and houses, not truly taking stock of the magic in one word: ZERO

I recently was in a position to embrase ZERO as a special place to start again. Just prior to my breakout I had to experience collapse and ruin. However, there was something mystical at play; an energy of safety. There is freedom in zero. When you are at your version of rock bottom, you are never as low as the next person hitting their own bottom. Something to think about.