You are the Universe – and the Universe is You 

How to Bend the Universe is about taking control of your life, commanding your experience and speaking what you want with no fear. When you want something the first thing you usually do is go through a laundry list of why you cannot have it. You think about what others would say, or if it violates some sort of family rule for you. You feel guilty about wanting a new house, or a brand new car. You go back into old toxic beliefs of poverty, lack and shame.

You are the Universe so it’s only you who is keeping the things you want away from you. Sure, the gurus will say that ego is the part of you, that only looks out for itself. The gurus all are wrong. The richest men and women in the world know the secret to manifesting. They don’t hold back on stating what they want. They create an electric vision of the exact manifestation packet they want to receive, and they do it again, and again.

What do you want to experience? 

How to Bend the Universe: Magic Lessons for Living an Imperfect Experience teaches you how to create a list of what you want. Once you get the list in place, you have placed your order to the Universe or to “your higher self” of just exactly what you want. Make it loud, proud and real, with no thought of who you may offend.

I have lived nearly my whole life with blinders on my face, secretly harboring a want or desire, but not giving voice to it. Or getting what I wanted and not knowing how to stay in TOTALITY or “Full Gratitude” thus invoking negative manifestation. Negative manifestation is when you lose something you have gained from desire, because you were not grateful for it. Define exactly what you want and do not let anyone stand in your way of getting it. 

Recenlty my husband and I were talking about the kind of home we wanted to build on our land. He went to the “The smallest possible so we can afford it”, and I want to the 4000 square foot home with hot tub, a private office for me, asphalt driveway, recycled bluejean insulation, the biggest fridge known to mankind, and plenty of space for my grandchildren to come see me during the holidays. I want a big house and that is all there is to it. Yes, the marriage was impacted, but NO I didn’t back down. In fact, my vision board has a picture of the exact house I want, along with other things that I want to experience. I want the home/house to have ZERO freaking mortgage already! I don’t want a mortgage.

Leave the How to the Universe and Believe 

The major mistake most dreamers and visionaries make is in creating a vision, then trying to left-brain figure it out to no avail. They start on the blueprint, road map and plan to make the money to buy the stuff. Trusting is so hard. Blind faith that the Universe can open up the necessary doors to your desire is not easily achieved unless you practice.