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Carla Wynn Hall

Carla Wynn Hall


My passion is in the glamour of writing and the power of creative expression I feel when I am writing a book or creating marketing graphics for my book platform. How to Train Your Unicorn is the FUNNEST book I have ever touched because it focuses on the grown up lessons we can learn from children and children’s movies. I hope you will grab your free chapter to the left by signing up on my page.n

Dream Keeper Foundation

Dedicated to protecting the Dreams of ALL who dare to believe in Unicorns we are the Dream Keepers Foundation. As the Guardians of Progress, our foundation promises to protect the dreams of those who cannot speak for themselves.

The Dream Keepers Foundation



My daddy used to sing an Oak Ridge Boys song to me as a little girl called “Dream On” and it talked about how he would watch over the dreams of his daughter as she slept. Now as a maw maw I can see why my daddy did this. He was a #DreamKeeper. He suffered greatly to see that I had everything I ever dreamed of in my life.

Today I assume the role of #DreamKeeper for my grandchildren’s dreams. I do this by authoring books that deliver hope to humanity, and a strong belief that every dream is worthy and available to those who dare to believe in Unicorns! In my new book, the lessons are formed in “My Unicorn Creativity Model for Creating a Magical Life Experience” and it’s a gentle way to help you continue believing in dreams, even though no one believes in them with you. When you join my mailing list and book club group on Facebook, you will get to interact with me one on one as you share your dream with the team of friends.

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