Carla Wynn Hall has a Dream~


“My dream is simply to put 1 million of my books into the hands of 1 million people, or a room of people, who will read and enjoy what I write. That is my dream.” I am from the state of Alabama and have published 5 of my own books, and contributed to 20 book compilations, also called “Anthologies.

When I sit down to write, I am transported to another world where I know my words will be read at some point in the future. I write about human potential and how humanity must unite, or vanish. With the dawn of Artificial Intelligence just around the evolution corner, we, as humans, must become better. We must use our brains more, and argue less. We must dream like we have never, ever dreamed before. We must believe in our ability to create a future for our children’s children.

Carla Wynn Hall