Dreams come to us through our sleep and when we are awake. We can hear them, feel them and for a moment, believe in them. They we turn our backs, ignore the whisper, and continue on our tragic and mundane journey. Dreams are carried in the womb of your creative universe, yet you have let your dreams, be incubated in another. Sacred Obedience is about listening, build, activating and accelerating the process of HAVING everything you want in life, and never needing anything. The pain you now feel, is the result of deep, aching, and unfulfilled DESIRE. To become a master at Sacred Obedience you must learn to trust that voice in your head, that little nudge that whispers to you “There is something More”



Building Your Dream

Three Programs for You


With the Dream Build Technology ® and the Wisdom Codes for Manifesting Miracles, You Call Your Dream to YouLove and Relentless Belief in Your Heart's Desire

Let's Build Your Dream. The Masterclass will be live and recorded so you can access it anytime you choose. You will receive instructions via email and support inside of our group. I look forward to building with you.

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